Aquarium Puzzlehunt

Fall 2016 - During orientation week, MIT invites all incoming freshmen to an evening at the New England Aquarium. They came expecting fish and penguins (and maybe some water Pokemon), but some upperclassmen and I surprised them with a bonus puzzle hunt! The freshmen competed in their orientation groups (or quickly made new friends to form a team), and the top three teams with the fastest solve times received puzzle-related prizes.

The class of 2020 has discovered that MIT's beloved mascot, Tim the Beaver, has been beavernapped! They must quickly find the answer to a game of 20/20, but they only have 10 puzzles and 10 answers. Otherwise who knows what might befall poor Tim...

A group of my friends and I wrote and test-solved the puzzles; then we showed up to the aquarium wearing top hats and black clothing and tried to act mysterious :D

The puzzle hunt can be found here.