Sophie Mori

Hello! I study computer science and linguistics at MIT. I have interned as a web developer at Khan Academy and as a digital forensics software engineer at Basis Tech. Across my majors, I am interested in conceptual software design and computational linguistics. Other interests of mine include education and urban transportation. I enjoy puzzles of all sorts.

My handle wishdasher is an almost-spoonerism of dishwasher.



To be updated.


A blog that I've been meaning to update.

I do a lot of puzzlehunts, usually with my team teammate.

I love teaching! I'm a member of the MIT Educational Studies Program, which organizes really cool outreach programs for middle and high school students in the Boston area. I've directed programs for them too.

For my freshman and sophomore years, I lived in Next House 4W, otherwise known as The Shire.

A paper: Universal Dependencies for Learner English, the website, and the finished treebank of annotations.